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coil market now

2016-03-10 18:25:22   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  According to the now situation, yesterday the national market coil market price up. Among them, the Hefei market increased even more hot roll 70 yuan / ton, Tianjin, Taiyuan, cold-rolled coil market up 50 yuan / ton.

  It also contributed to the construction steel market is under pressure, the regions were mixed.Related to analyst, told reporters this week, affected by the rainy season, coupled with financial pressure further decrease.

  Although the price pressure, but because profit margins are still more optimistic, and not cut steel sign.According to the newspaper industry, the latest available data from early March, the national crude steel output rose again to 196 million tons.This figure is second only to mid-Feb record high, indicating that China's steel production is still in full release.

  Hebei Shengtian Group supply all kind of steel pipes, seamless pipes, low carbon steel pipes, spiral steel pipes etc.

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