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How to connect the refrigeration pipes

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  Cooling pipe using seamless steel tube should be used as welding, in addition to use when connected to the equipment, valves flanged or threaded connection. gas welding using diameter less than 5omm, diameter greater than 5omm using welding. Pipe welding is commonly used in refrigerator, only when necessary in terms of installation and maintenance, flanged or threaded connection is used. Using convex surface flat welding flange square flange or kidney-shaped flange, when flange connection, gaskets with a thickness of 1 ~ 3mm oil rubber asbestos, and modulation of graphite coated with oil. When threaded connection, you should use gasoline or kerosene to clean the oil on the threads, and then coated with glycerol to reconcile gluten feed or Teflon tape as a seal packing, prohibited the use of lead as flax oil and seal packing.

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