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China to remove Anti-dumping duty

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  The European Commission has announced that a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel has declared that the anti-dumping duty on stainless steel tubes imposed by China on Europe and Japaness imports in 2012 are illegal in the light of WTO rules.

  According to the EC statement, the WTO panel found that the Chinese measures didnot fully respect the prescribed WTO methods for calculating dumping margins. The margins calculated for one of the EU's exporting producers were found not to be correct. China failed also to justify its finding that the tubes imported from the EU had caused injury to China's domestic industry. Finally, the panel concluded that the Chinese anti-dumping procedure came short of the WTO requirements in terms of due process and transparency.

  As SteelOrbis previously reported, the anti-dumping duty was imposed in May, 2012, with dumping duty rates ranging from 9.7% to 39.2%.

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