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SRT is a Group Company

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  Testing machine control system can realize 32-bit full digital control, the control system adopted the most advanced digital signal processor technology, can undertake a variety of computing including total energy, the maximum load, impact velocity, test time, etc.

  Impact testing machine: impact testing machine is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact tester, non-metallic impact testing machine, etc. It is a kind of new type of impact testing machine instantaneous measurement and recording materials in the process of impact characteristic curve. By changing the pendulum and sample base, it can realize two forms of test including simply supported beam and cantilever beam. By measuring angular displacement signal, it transferred to the computer for data processing with high precision.

  Online ultrasonic: longitudinal and weld defects detection, stratification of the heat affected zone and the inside burr height control, mainly for the production process control.

  For fast production speed, defect tracking spraying device, to guarantee 100% detection, tracking, and resection of weld and inside burr defects. Online squash: according to the raw material and production characteristics, sampling do weld and stress direction of 0 degrees and 90 degrees of flattening test, safeguard the basic properties of the welded pipe requirements.

  Hydrostatic test: for each base metal and weld of the pipe to provide safeguard.

  SRT is a Group Company. Full name is Hebei Shengtian Group Reaguan Pipeline Co., Ltd, which mainly produce and export seamless steel pipes, spiral  steel pipes, welded steel pipes and oil pipes .

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