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A spring outing

2016-04-28 10:33:38   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  Today is a little windy, the temperature is so gentle.  It is Really can not be  more suitable for a spring outing. Our company Hebei Shengtian Pipe Fitting Group Co.,Ltd  International department have our annual spring outing.

  We choose a beauty country side to make the barbeque. I played the role of lighting a fire. In the following times I am in charge of eating. The beauty girls is in charge cooking. There have many delicious food such as chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, sea fish, Tofu and vegetables etc.

  Everybody is enjoy the happy times of outing. Boys and girls after lunch,play swing, poker etc. Happy times always seams short, we have to back to office and start to work.  No matter how, we enjoyed times !

  SRT is a Group Company. Full name is Hebei Shengtian Group Reaguan Pipeline Co., Ltd, which mainly produce and export seamless steel pipes, spiral  steel pipes, welded steel pipes and oil pipes . Our annual output is 150000 tons. We have variety of specialized Engineers 98 persons that can supply better, convenient and fast service to our clients.

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