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Taiwan's pre galvanized welded pipe market may disorder

2016-05-12 14:37:02   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  Due to the firmly galvanized coil prices in Taiwan domestic market, the prices for pre galvanized welded pipes were steady in the past few months.

  However, the large quantity with low price import galvanized coils may make the pre-galvanized welded pipe price to disorder in Taiwan local market recently.

  According to Taiwan custom's data, Taiwan's galvanized coil import quantity in this September was about 90,000 tonnes.

  It is said that the import quantity in October may stay at the same level, this situation caused pre galvanized welded pipe price to cut by TWD 300 per tonne to TWD 500 per tonne in local market even though Taiwan's Chung Hung Steel has announced to keep its November welded pipe unchanged.

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