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Main factors affecting the quality of steel pipe and quality control(一)

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  The influencing factors on the quality of the steel pipe has two categories: steel and rolling process factors.

  Here is only the factors on rolling process are discussed. The main influencing factors are: temperature, process adjustment, tool quality, process cooling and lubrication, rolled piece surface impurities removal and control.

  (1) temperature

  The temperature is the most important factor affecting the quality of steel pipe. First of all, the tube billet heating temperature uniformity of direct impact perforation capillary wall thickness and inside surface quality, which in turn affect the quality of the product's wall thickness. Second, when rolling of steel tube temperature uniformity and (especially) finishing temperature and in hot rolled state delivery of product mechanical properties, such as outside diameter size accuracy and surface quality, especially when the billet or tube billet overheat even burnt, cause waste. Therefore, in the process of hot rolled seamless steel tube production, in strict accordance with the technical requirements deformation temperature heating and control is to do a good job of must first.

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  (2) process adjustment

  Process adjustment and job quality mainly affect the quality of steel tube's geometry and appearance.

  Such as the punch and the adjustment of the mill affect product wall thickness accuracy, the adjustment of the sizing mill is related to the product diameter precision and straight. And, it can affect the process of rolling process adjustment on the rails.

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