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the typical features of lsaw steel pipe

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  What are the typical features of lsaw steel pipe lsaw steel pipe is a kind of common straight seam steel pipe, its characteristic is the recognition, then what are the characteristics of it?1. lsaw steel pipe used for submerged arc welding technology, using filler welding, particle flux submerged arc protection.2. The production technology of lsaw steel pipe have rolled JCOE forming technology, molding, submerged arc welding technology. When large diameter may use two pieces of steel plate rolled on, and this will form the phenomenon of double seam.3. lsaw steel pipe can perform the standard of GB/T3091-2008 low pressure fluid pipe production standard, GB/T9711.1-2-1997 petroleum steel tube using the standard production, can also perform the API 5 l line pipe standards.4. The submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipe material for Q195A - Q345E; 245 r; Q345QA - D; L245 - L485; X42 - X70. There are mainly two st/T pressure parameters, S for the yield strength, T for wall thickness.5. Now submerged arc welding has been developed into, has the double wire submerged arc welding, there are many wire submerged arc welding, further improve the efficiency. Be used in steel structure, piling, fluid transport, long-distance pipeline, etc.

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