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There are many kinds of processing method of pipe fittings

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  Processing method of pipe fittings There are many kinds of processing method of pipe fittings. Many also belongs to the category of mechanical processing, use is the most pressing method, forging method, roller processing method, rolling method, abscesses, tensile test, bending method, and the combination of processing method.

  Tube processing is the organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing.Is illustrated as follows:Method: use type forging press machine will be at the end of the pipe or part shall be rushed out, so that the diameter is reduced, the commonly used swaging machine with a rotary, connecting rod type, roller type.Pressing method: Based on a core with a taper the tube end expanding to the required size and shape.Roller method: in the tube placement, peripheral roller pressing, for circular edge processing.Rolling method: generally don't core shaft, suitable for thick wall pipe inside the circular edge.

  STR is a Group Company. Full name is Hebei Shengtian Group Reaguan Pipeline Co., Ltd, which mainly produce and export seamless steel pipes, spiral  steel pipes, welded steel pipes and oil pipes .

  Bending method: there are three kinds of commonly used methods, a method called stretching method, another method that stamping method, third kinds of the rolling wheel method is more familiar, there are 3-4 and two, a fixed roller, a regulating roller, adjust the fixed roller distance, the finished product is bent pipe. The application of this method are widely, if the production of spiral pipes, still can increase the curvature.Abscesses method: one is placed rubber in the tube, use a punch compression above, makes the tube bulge forming; another method is the hydraulic bulging, tube filled with liquid in the middle of the pipe, on the liquid pressure drum into the required shape, like the production of large part of our common corrugated pipe is used in the method.In short pipe uses a wide range, variety.

  Japanese production methods are chartered, some fittings production methods and processes are filed patents, patent many fittings, mostly is the combination of processing. China pipe processing a large gap, for example: Bicycle three through four, in foreign countries as early as four or five years on the use of tube head bulge forming, while China's manufacturers now may still use welding method. People almost do not know this thing, it is difficult to accept new things, even if there is, the manufacturers are not willing to change this process. Our country in the cast iron drainage pipe fitting the development in this field is very slow, relatively backward.

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