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The function of component in the material

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The function of component in the material
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Carbon (C) exists in all the steel, is the most important hardening element. To help increase the strength of the steel, we usually want to have more than 0.6% of the tool grade steel carbon, has become a high carbon steel.
Chromium (Cr) to increase the wear resistance, hardness, the most important is the corrosion resistance, with more than 13% of the considered to be stainless steel. Despite this, if the maintenance is not properly, all of the steel will rust.
 Manganese (Mn) important elements, help to generate texture structure, increase robustness, and strength, and wear resistance.
 Molybdenum( Mo)carbonation agent, prevent the embrittlement of the steel, the steel at high temperature strength, appeared in a lot of steel air hardening steel (for example the A-2, ATS-34) always contains 1% or more of the molybdenum, so they can harden in the air.
Nickel (Ni) to maintain strength, corrosion resistance, and toughness. Appear in L-6\AUS-6 and AUS-8.
 Silicon (Si) helps to enhance strength. Like manganese, silicon is used to maintain the strength of steel in the production of steel.
Tungsten (Tu) enhanced wear resistance. A mixture of tungsten and a suitable proportion of chromium or manganese for the manufacture of high speed steel. In high speed steel M-2, it contains a lot of tungsten.
 Vanadium (Va) to enhance the wear resistance and ductility.

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