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cold and hot rolled PIPE

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General speaking seamless steel pipe production process can be divided into cold and hot rolled PIPES. Cold-rolled seamless steel pipe production process generally is more complicated than the hot-rolled, tube first to three roller rolling and extrusion to sizing test, if surface did not respond to the crack of tube through cutting machine for cutting, cutting growth is about one meter of blank. And then into the annealing process annealing to use acidic liquid pickling, pickling should pay attention to surface a lot of blistering, if there are many foaming are produced to illustrate the quality of the pipe is not up to standard. Appearance of cold rolling seamless steel tube to short in hot rolling of seamless steel tube, cold rolling seamless steel pipe wall generally thick than the hot-rolled seamless steel tube to small, but it seems than thick walled seamless steel pipe is brighter, the surface is not too much rough, caliber without too many burrs.

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