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Seamless steel pipe exports or innovation high tendency

2016-10-21 17:00:07   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  According to the media reported that China this quarter will be seamless steel tube purchases to record levels, on global economic growth engine concerns the ease, China's seamless steel pipe exports will be more than the sum of the other parts of the world.

  Mining giant Rio Tinto Australia Rio David Peever general manager said, "the company is facing complex and fragile environment, due to lack of sources, long-term gain or will be reduced. The long term, from China products demand will decline, a quality of the merger and acquisition opportunities also very little." Meanwhile, another Australian mining giant BHP's official spokesman has said that although 2012 seamless steel tube demand and prices are down from their recent highs before, but BHP still will be in accordance with the previously planned production, is 2012 years of seamless steel pipe production maintained at 160 million tons level.

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