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Welded Stainless Steel Pipe 304

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  A huge "mushroom cloud" on the 16th in Xinjiang, southeast of Hami City, more than 100 kilometers of China's oil pipeline fracture control test field rises. This indicates that China's first X90 steel pipe full-size natural gas blasting test first explosion success, to further enhance our high-grade steel, large diameter, high pressure pipe fracture control research level.

  This project is led by the research team composed of Petro China West Pipeline Company, Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Technology Research Institute and China Petroleum Planning General Institute. The project is a major project of CNPC "Key Technology of the Third Generation Large Capacity Gas Pipeline Project "In one of the elements.

  According to the Institute of Petroleum Pipes Engineering and Technology, which undertook the test, the study on the hazard effects of natural gas pipeline blasting (explosion) shock wave, seismic wave and thermal radiation based on pipeline fracture control test field was carried out at the same time. , High pressure, high-grade natural gas pipeline construction and safe operation of important technical support.

  With the growing gas demand, the use of large diameter, high-grade steel, high pressure long-distance pipeline has become the world's natural gas pipeline technology mainstream, the resulting gas pipeline safety issues are more and more attention, and full- Blasting test is currently the most advanced technical means to obtain pipeline performance data.

  For a long time, China's full-size gas blasting test can only be entrusted to other countries, high cost, long cycle, but also can not access some of the key experimental data. In 2012, Petro China will be the pipeline fracture control test field as a major science and technology special key field test topic, and in 2015 October in Xinjiang Hami built China's first pipe fracture control test field, developed a full-size steel pipe blasting test technology, fill The domestic blank. More than a year, the test site has been implemented twice X80 steel pipe blasting test for the construction of the Sino-Russian East-line natural gas pipeline to provide a strong technical support.

  Hebei Shengtian Group can produce and supply high Welded Stainless Steel Pipe 304 and pipe fittings.

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