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steel pipes, pipe fittings, industrial related products

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  Hebei Shengtian Group export to AQABA the main products are steel pipes, pipe fittings and industrial related products.

  There are 18 main berths in the port area, of which 100,000 berths can be parked in phosphate berths. There are two container berths with a coastline of 500m and a berthing capacity of 70,000 deadweight tons. The new oil terminal is the most reliable 30 million DWT super tanker. Loading and unloading equipment, a variety of shore crane, portable crane, container crane, straddle carrier, tractor and ro-ro facilities, which can move the maximum lifting capacity of 90 tons crane. Port cargo yard area of 880000 square meters (including container yard), warehouse 41000 square meters. The container yard can be filled with 7,000 full containers and 5,000 empty containers. Loading and unloading rate: 2,000 tons of fertilizer per hour, 8,000 tons per hour of crude oil. The Hong Kong Free Trade Area was established in 1973. The main export goods are phosphate, potash, cement and chemical fertilizer products, etc. The main import goods are grain, chemical raw materials and groceries, most of which are transit cargo, mainly Iraqi goods.

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