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Oil pipe processing technology

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  Oil casing processing includes oil casing processing and coupling production. FRP High Corrosion-Resistant oil Pipe production process: pipe after leakage magnetic flaw detection machine, qualified products in turn by the NC pipe thread lathe for mechanical processing, inspection qualified spare; coupling billet by the CNC tube thread lathe thread inspection after the magnetic flux leakage testing machine , After passing the marking; then the coupling screw machine will pipe connection with the coupling, after passing the marking machine for marking, after the hydrostatic test press for pressure detection (water pressure 0 ~ 70MPa, different diameter Pressure on the different), measuring the length of the tube, both ends of the protection ring, with automatic brushing machine in the outer wall of the outer wall evenly brush epoxy anticorrosive paint, after the spray standard, the final product inspection after passing, into the product storage area .

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