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About thick - walled seamless steel pipe

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  From the general understanding of thick-walled steel pipe and thin-walled steel pipe to do a comparison, which is conducive to our more profound understanding of it, first of all for the thickness of the JIS G3445 Seamless Steel Pipe wall, they are often not the same for the former is the use of hot rolling technology, While the latter is the use of cold drawing technology. And we usually use wall thickness equal to 0.02 to distinguish them. The same time as Less than the thin wall, bigger than the thick wall, so you have a more comprehensive understanding. And from the use of, thick wall is mainly used in important pipes, because of his thickness, relatively strong capacity, it is also commonly used in the pressure of the place. At present it has also been widely used in liquid transport, such as drainage, water supply, or also used in gas transmission, such as gas, steam and other important gases, we can see how important it is.

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