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Quenching technology of oil pipe

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  With the rapid development of China's oil industry, the demand for high-grade oil steel pipe is more and more big, and the high grade API 5CT oil drilling casing pipe must be quenched, so it is very important to study the whole quenching of the steel pipe. China Heavy Machinery Research Institute developed "immersion quenching + internal spray + rotating" and "outside spray + internal spray + rotating" two processes, and developed the related quenching production line, achieved good results. Two kinds of quenching process has its own characteristics, spray quenching production line with applicable quenching in oil well pipe, oil casing, drill pipe, compared to thin steel tube quenching; quenching quenching production line for wall thickness high performance thick wall tube quenching, its products are mainly used in national defense, nuclear power, petroleum and automobile industry.

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