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The production process of oil pipe

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     Iron - steel - Steel (or electric steel and oxygen steel ingot) - - - - - - - Guan Pi rolling round steel billet

  According to the size of ingot, the relationship between domestic and imported 76~100 units can be divided into four types:

  (1) with 8.3 large steel ingot by 1150 and then two times rolling mill, a tube;

  (2) 20 inches (500 mm) ingot after 850 or 750 blooming. Then the two roll is used to produce API 5L Gr. B Seamless steel Oil Pipe the tube blank;

  (3) 8 inch (200 mm) small ingot is opened and rolled by 500 mill, and then directly supplied to oil pipe blank;

  (4) continuous casting billet is used to supply pipe blank after rolling.

  (5) in recent years, in order to reduce the cost of billets, the development of oxygen converter steel and continuous casting billet to produce billets can reduce the cost by about 15%

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