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Anticorrosion of oil pipe

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  Because oil pipes are prone to chemical or electrochemical reaction during the use and transportation, they are prone to chemical or electrochemical reactions. Therefore, the use of oil pipe anticorrosive paint is an effective way to prevent corrosion of oil pipes.

  The present situation of oil pipe anticorrosive coating process is analyzed. At present, there are mainly four kinds of automatic coating processes for oil tubes, such as welded pipes and oil sleeves, which are commonly used at home and abroad.

  ASTM A53 ERW Carbon Steel Oil Pipe anticorrosion coating technology 1: using the spray coating method, the coating before, after and the middle roller line transportation, in order to form the film. Then the fork transfer, the hook chain and the chain rolling, the steel pipe transversely into the steam oven, heating and drying

  Oil pipe anticorrosion coating process two: electrostatic coating method, application of the coating before, after and in the middle of the application of helical conveyor inclined roller, in order to form a film. Then the screw elevator is transferred to the shelf to cool and dry.

  Technology of anticorrosion coating steel pipe three: oil pipe line transmission, using UV coating system, vacuum coating method, coupled with the flow, to form a film. After applying the coating, the UV radiation curing coating is carried out immediately. It is characterized by the formation and curing of the coating between two roller wheels.

  Oil pipe anticorrosion coating process four: the coating is heated and airless spraying. Before rolling, it is applied to roller conveyance, and then applied to segment synchronization. After coating, the V tooth is used, and the chain is transported to form the coating. After the coating, the steel pipe is transferred from the step machine to the lateral; the V tooth; the chain conveyor enters the steam oven and is heated and dried.

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