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Spiral Steel pipe production process

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  Spiral steel pipe used in set interchanged cone die hole enlargement technology, digital intermediate frequency induction heating technology, hydraulic technology in one, with its reasonable technology, low energy consumption, low construction investment, good product quality, wide range of raw materials and products specifications suitability, flexible variable low input production batch adaptability, replace the traditional high frequency API5L X42 spiral steel pipe industry, expanding technology. Because in the near future is difficult to solve the supply of large diameter high frequency spiral steel pipe, spiral steel pipe to solve the shortage of high frequency welding of large diameter steel pipe in our country's important source products.

  Spiral steel pipe mandrel surface pulse spraying device is a kind of steel pipe for the mandrel surface spraying device of lubricant. Is characterized by a spray of the body ring is equipped with the lubricant store house, in the store house ring wall open input lubricants hole, store house side installation of motor, and its main shaft after the driving wheel and the central hole of the pulse output is lubricant into the ring, lower output hole placed with beam gauge of beam body gauge group.

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