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Brief Introduction of Spiral Steel Pipe

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  Spiral steel pipe refers to the doublesided submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipes. According to the different forming methods, it is mainly divided into different types such as UOE, RBE, JCOE steel pipe and so on.

  large diameter galvanized steel spiral steel pipe have such characteristics that the process is relatively simple and the production is rapid and continuous,therefore,it has been widely used in the civil construction, petrochemical industry,light industry and other departments,and more used for convening low pressure liquid or made into all kinds of engineering components and light industrial products.

  The main forming processes of spiral steel pipe are as below:Milling (or plane)in the steel plate welding line then pre bent in the direction of steel plate width, and gradually forming into shape in the order of J - C - O, after many times of press punching in the process of forming,with the basic principles of forming by three point bending molding.

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