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Spiral steel pipe production process

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  Spiral steel pipe is based on the strip coil plate for raw materials, often warm extrusion molding to automatically double wire double-sided submerged arc welding process of spiral steel pipe.

  (1) raw material namely strip steel roll, welding wire, flux. Investment in the physical to pass strict inspection.

  (2) the strip head and tail docking, the single or double wire submerged arc welding pick, rolled into the steel pipe in by the automatic submerged arc welding repair.

  (3) before forming, strip steel after the cut edge, planing, edge, cleaning the surface to the transmission and bending process.

  (4) the contact monometers control conveyor press down on both sides of the oil cylinder pressure and ensure the smooth conveying the strip.

  (5) the external control or internal control of roller of forming.

  (6) the control device to ensure that the weld clearance weld clearance meet the welding requirements, pipe diameter, the wrong side quantity and weld clearance are strict control.

  (7) welding and welding within the all use the Lincoln electric single or double wire buried in arc solder, so as to achieve a stable welding standard.

  (8) after welding the weld all pass on the continuous automatic ultrasonic inspection instrument injury, guarantee 100% of the spiral seam nondestructive testing coverage. If there is a flaw, automatic alarm and spraying mark, production workers in this adjust process parameters, eliminate the defects in time.

  (9) USES air plasma cutting machine will be cut into single steel pipe.

  (10) cut into single steel tube, each batch of steel tube to strict first inspection system, the mechanical properties of welding inspection, chemical composition, unmistakable status, steel tube surface quality and after NDT test, to ensure that the process of good, to formally put into production.

  (11) on acoustic detection for weld mark place, after manual ultrasonic and X-ray review, if indeed defects, after repair again after nondestructive testing, until confirm defect has already eliminated.

  (12) ASTM A53 Welded Spiral Steel Pipe and and spiral seam at the intersection of butyl type of joint in the tube, all through X-ray scan TV or inspection.

  (13) every pieces of steel after hydrostatic pressure test, the radial sealing pressure. Test pressure and time by steel tube microcomputer detecting devices to strictly control the water pressure. Test parameters automatically printed records.

  (14) pipe-aend mechanical processing, make the end verticality, slope and blunt edge quarrel get accurate

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