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Introduction of large caliber oil pipe

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  At present, the production of large caliber oil pipe in China has been at a high level, and products satisfying customers can be produced according to the needs of different customers at home and abroad. It is because of the advanced production technology that it will be superior to other products in performance.

  The production process of large diameter oil pipe: the production process of large diameteroil pipe generally includes hot rolling, hot rolling, casting and other production modes. API 5CT L80 Seamless Steel Oil Pipe is mostly seen in the double side submerged arc welding process. The products have reached the standard requirements of the American Petroleum Institute by bending, joint, welding, welding, straightening, flat head and so on.

  Large diameter oil pipe use: large diameter oil pipe is used in the construction of large steel structure, and it is the main support part, such as bridge pile driving, undersea pile driving, and high building pile driving. The material is generally used in Q345B and Q345C. Q345D, Q345E, is also used in lower temperature areas.

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