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The forming technology seamless steel pipe

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  Hot extrusion method,The need for billet machining pretreatment before extrusion, the extruded pipe diameter below 100mm, low equipment investment, less waste of materials, technology is more mature. But once the pipe diameter size, by using the method of hot pressing need of large tonnage and large power equipment, the corresponding control system to upgrade.

  Hot piercing rolling method,Hot piercing rolling in longitudinal rolling extension and cross rolling elongation. Longitudinal rolling rolling main Co. mandrel pipe mill rolling, MPM pipe Rolling Mill, three roll retained mandrel pipe rolling and floating mandrel pipe mill. The method has high production efficiency, low metal consumption, good product quality, advanced control system, widely used. Cross rolling elongation rolling method with less investment, short process, suitable for small batch, multi varieties, multi specifications and high precision in the thick wall AISI S31803 Seamless Steel Pipe production and also obtained the widespread application.

  push the process of expanding method,Pushing expanding diameter has the advantages of simple equipment, low cost, convenient repair, economic and durable, the product specifications flexible transformation, such as the need for preparation of large diameter elbow and other similar products, only need to add some accessories. Suitable for production of large diameter, wall thickness of seamless steel pipe material, also can produce thick wall pipe does not exceed the capacity of equipment.

  Hebei Shengtian Group supply seamless steel pipe size from OD 4 mm to OD80 mm,Wall thickness from WT 0.5 mm to WT 10 mm ,Length max 12m ,Could Cut to length for your special requests.Material ST 35,St45,St52 St30Al,St 30Si,Other materials upon agreement with customers.

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