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The price of spiral steel pipe will be affected

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  Spiral steel pipe are produced by expanding machine. The technical process is the same as elbow machine. The difference is the pipe mould is straight and pipe elbow have bending radius. The advantage of hot expanding pipes is the low prices and easy to collect the sources. The disadvantage of  the Spiral steel pipe is the wall thickness. The thickness of hot expanding pipes is not as good as hot roll or cold drawn pipes. The tolerance is big but within the American standard.

  The prices of coking coal had been keeping increase for two months. Considering the steel factory’s melting cost increase, the prices of Spiral steel pipe will be increased shortly. Affected by the increased coking coal, the steel plate, steel bars, will be increased 20 to 50 RMB per ton, and the steel pipes will follow. Our API 5L X70 Psl2 Welded Spiral Steel Pipe factory will be the last to be affected on the prices.

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