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Application of galvanized welded pipe

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  In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipes,Galvanized Welded Steel Pipe are commonly used. Galvanized steel pipes are divided into two types, hot galvanizing and galvanizing. Hot dip galvanized zinc coating is thick, galvanizing cost is low, and the surface is not very smooth. Oxygen blow welded pipe: used as oxygen blowing pipe for steel making, usually with small diameter welded steel pipe, with specifications from eight inches to 3/8-2 inches. Made of 08, 10, 15, 20 or 195-Q235 steel strips, to prevent corrosion, aluminized treatment is required.

  Most of the old house is Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Steel Pipe, the kind of iron pipe used for gas and heating is also galvanized welded steel pipe, the galvanized welded steel pipe is used as pipe. After a few years, a large amount of rust is produced in the pipe. The effluent from the yellow water not only pollutes the sanitary ware, but also is mixed with the bacteria which are not smooth inside the inner wall. The heavy metal content in the water is too high and is seriously dangerous. Harm the health of the human body. In 60s and 70s, the developed countries began to develop new types of pipes and banned galvanized welded steel pipe one after another. The four ministries and commissions, such as the Ministry of construction of China, also make sure that the galvanized welded steel pipe have been banned from the two 000 years. After 2000, the cold water pipes in the newly built communities have rarely used galvanized welded steel pipe, and some hot water pipes in some communities use galvanized welded steel pipe.

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