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The processing and application of welded steel pipe

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  Before the Welded steel pipe is bonded, wipe the handle on the side of the socket and the outside of the socket with dry cloth. When the surface is sticky with oil, it must be cleaned with acetone. When smearing the adhesive, it should be smeared on the inside of the mouth first, then smear the outside of the socket, and apply a proper amount to the outside from the inside when smearing the socket, and the 200g/m2 should not be leaked or smeared.

  The cross section of API 5L SSAW Spiral Welded Steel Pipe should be leveled, vertical tube axis and chamfering treatment. Before bonding, the inserting line and test insert should be drawn to insert the depth only to the original depth of 1/3~1/2, and the bonding method is strictly prohibited when the clearance is over. After applying the adhesive, it is advisable to maintain the external force within 1 minutes and keep the straight and correct position of the interface.

  The superfluous adhesive to be squeezed out in time after the bonding of the Welded steel pipe is finished in time. In the curing time, no force or force can be loaded. Connection program: preparation, cleaning work surface, test insert, adhesive bonding agent, adhesion and maintenance. Bonding joint can not be constructed in rain or water, and not under 5 C.

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