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Sealing method of oil pipe

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  Blowout is the worst accident in the oil pipe industry, and its consequences not only cause the destruction of resources, pollution of the environment, casualties and social unrest, but also affect the social image of the enterprise. The Tarim Oilfield Company has a wide distribution of natural gas and is the source of West to east gas transmission. It is often threatened by natural gas during drilling and oil testing. In the last two years, the blowout accident occurred in the 19 well and 823 well . The accident happened very similar. The biggest hidden danger is how to control the pressure in the tubing when changing the wellhead. According to the investigation, there are several ways to jam the tubing at present.

  1:RD safety circulation valve: the technology is relatively mature, but in the high density mud well, if the reconstruction measures are taken, the scope of annulus pressure may be limited. It

  2: downhole safety valve: it can be installed at any position of the pipe column, and the hydraulic remote control realizes the temporary closure in the API 5CT schedule 40 carbon steel Oil Pipe; but the related components of the oil pipe must meet the installation requirements of the liquid control pipeline and the safety valve may be sucked up when swabbing. The sand in the well may also affect the sealing result.

  3: tubing blocker: need rope operation, increase the unsafe hidden danger; if the blocker has pressure below, it is difficult to apply balance pressure after installing the packer. It has certain effect on the production and data analysis of high production gas well. Whether the installation of large diameter tools on the upper position should be studied is still needed. It

  4: back pressure valve: the diameter is 74mm, no swabbing can be done, and the removal tool after installing the well sealing device is not yet available. If there is a pressure blocker in the oil pipe after installing the well sealing device, there is no way to install the cock. It

  5: tubing bridge plug: need to drill down, will damage the oil pipe, in the exploration stage is not applicable.

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