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Continuous growth of steel profits in Hebei

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  From the Hebei Metallurgical Industry Association, this year, the Hebei iron and steel industry has shown a "increase in productivity". In the case of 7 million 520 thousand tons, 13 million 340 thousand tons and 4 million 40 thousand tons of crude steel, pig iron and steel production in the 1-5 month, a high profit was still maintained, and the whole province steel industry achieved a profit of 33 billion 431 million yuan. The increase was 119.66%, accounting for 35.08% of the industrial profits in the province; the profit margin of the main business was 7.61%, up 3.80 percentage points over the same period, and the profit of ton steel was 379.60 yuan, up 220.37 yuan, and 38.40%.

  By the end of 2017, the production of steel and iron making and iron making in Hebei province was reduced from the peak of 3.2 million tons in 2011 to 2.38 million tons, 2.44 billion tons, and the iron and steel enterprises were reduced from 123 to 67. In the month of 1-5 2018, there were 15 profits of iron and steel enterprises of the members of the Hebei Metallurgical Industry Association in more than 900 million yuan, and there were also 15 enterprises with a profit of more than 500 yuan per ton of steel.

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