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Seamless steel pipe price increase

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  At present, the price of seamless steel pipe is rising, and "off-season is not bad". According to China's seamless steel pipe network analysis report, construction steel city is likely to once again turn to the path of concussion.

  According to relevant monitoring, Hushang construction steel market fell sharply, as of July 5th, the steel index at the price of 4860 yuan per ton, up 30 yuan a week. At present, the price of high quality two grade thread steel in Shanghai is adjusted to 4800 yuan and 40 yuan a week, and the quotation of grade three thread steel for high quality goods in Shanghai is adjusted to 4900 yuan per ton and up 40 yuan a week.

  Market people recalls that domestic steel prices in July sustained a slight increase in July, after entering the August, it is a wave of acceleration to usher in the "open door", the weak season is less obvious characteristics. "But careful analysis can be seen that the price rise of steel is largely driven by the expected increase of the price of the factory by the seamless steel pipe. The release of demand after the price rises is obviously restrained, while the supply of seamless steel pipe remains high, and the price rise is certainly difficult to be sustained."

  The price adjustment of some steel mills makes the market somewhat unacceptable. Related analysts said that if the price increase of seamless steel pipe in late July is still a "fill up" behavior, it is understandable that "then the price of steel mills in the first ten days of August was substantially increased, to a large extent beyond the market expectations." The Jiangsu leading seamless steel pipe, led by Shagang, raised 60 to 150 yuan per ton in the first ten days of August, and the price of eight steel in Northwest China was more than 250 yuan per ton, and the adjusted price of the factory was obviously higher than the market price of the day. "This became the main driving force to promote the strong rise of ASME SA106 GR. B Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe". If the price of steel works is too large, if it exceeds the market capacity, it will "overdraw the power of steel market ahead of schedule".

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