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How to judge the shoddy oil pipe?

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  Fake and inferior oil pipes are easy to fold. In recent days, there have been rare good signs in the domestic oil pipe market, spot steel prices rebound significantly, low-priced resources trading volume has also been a major breakthrough. In addition, after a period of accelerated consumption, the stock of seamless steel oil pipes in major cities has been sharply reduced, resulting in the willingness of some straight-seam steel pipe mills to raise quotations; some analysts and institutions have also predicted that the market for oil pipes in May may usher in a phased reversal, subject to higher supply pressures, coupled with demand fundamentals, politics. There are no significant benefits in policy and economic aspects, and the reversal of domestic API 5L ASTM A106 A53 Seamless Steel Oil Pipe market prices is not yet necessary. The surface of the false and inferior oil pipe is easy to generate scars. There are two reasons: (1) fake and inferior oil pipes are of uneven material and many impurities. (2). Counterfeit and inferior materials manufacturers are weak in guiding equipment and easy to stick to steel. These impurities tend to produce scars after biting the roller. Folding is the broken line formed on the surface of the tubing, which often runs through the longitudinal direction of the whole product. The reason for folding is that the fake and inferior manufacturer pursues high efficiency, large reduction, producing ears, folding occurs in the next rolling, the folded product will crack after bending, and the strength of steel will be greatly reduced.

  The appearance of shoddy oil pipes is often a phenomenon of pitting. Because of the serious wear of the groove, the surface of the steel is irregular and uneven. Because of the profit margins of the manufacturers of shoddy and straight seam steel tubes, the most standard rolling groove is often exceeded.

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