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Recent price analysis of oil pipe

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  Last week, domestic oil pipe, oil pipe prices shocked strongly. From the current market point of view, most of the spot resource price increases are mainly driven by the strong rise in futures prices of EN10219 S355 ERW Oil Pipe and the early price falls leading to the emergence of many low-cost resources, so during the rise of electronic discs and blanks, most varieties show a trend of low-level rebound. However, from the oil pipe, oil pipe spot resources transaction as a whole, most of the resources after the transaction follow-up is insufficient, so the follow-up market follow-up momentum is slightly weak. For the latter market, considering that the current social resources do not pose pressure, and the cost has also increased in the near future, so the price is still supported in the short term. On the other hand, near the weekend, the market is restrained by trading quotations to return to consolidation, business sentiment is not high, so it is not excluded out of caution to maintain a rapid delivery strategy. Domestic oil pipe prices or mainly shock operation.

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