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Welded steel pipe prices have shown a more obvious rebound

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  Whether in the futures market or spot market, the price of welded steel pipe rebounded more than 100 yuan per ton, which made the confidence of the market significantly improved, and some businessmen began to slow down the pace of shipment, waiting for further price rises. However, according to the data of the Steel Association and our investigation, the supply and demand fundamentals have not improved significantly. High Quality ERW Q195 Black Welded Steel Pipe prices do not have the basis for sustained warming. The recent soaring steel prices have to return to rationality after all. Businessmen are not advised to pursue excessive increases.

  Recently, the steel market has shown little fluctuation, basically continuing the main steady-state trend before the festival, and only at the end of the week showed obvious signs of rising. However, the performance of raw materials and futures markets is relatively satisfactory, and the sustained rise has also stimulated the active atmosphere of the whole welded steel pipe market, so that spot steel prices began to rise sharply at the beginning of this week.

  Of course, welded steel pipe prices can rise in a large area. It is not enough to rely solely on futures prices and raw material prices. According to the data, although the social inventory temporarily ended in the week before the festival for 30 consecutive weeks, the social inventory immediately returned to the declining trend in the week after the festival.

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