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The price of J55 oil pipe keeps rising

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  The price of J55 oil pipe keeps rising. Influenced by the strong price of futures market and raw materials market, the price of domestic construction steel market has been pulled up all the way, the confidence in the market has increased sharply, and the turnover has also been released. Low prices have already depressed business demand, just as a strong wind has blown away the haze in Beijing, price rises have repelled the downstream wait-and-see atmosphere, and businesses have regained confidence.

  From the market point of view,J55 oil pipe production has maintained growth, the resources in East China are relatively small, the merchants have a pity for goods, and the market quotation continues to rise, which is also affected by the production restrictions in North China market.

  Speaking of production restriction, J55 oil pipe to contribute to the environment,ISO9001 API5CT J55 Seamless Carbon Steel Oil Pipe have shouted the slogan of production restriction, this production restriction will bring the expectation of reducing the supply of steel varieties, may be able to provide support for the continued rise in prices. Influenced by the peripheral market, the more stable southwest areas, can not sit still this time, with a daily increase of 20-30 yuan. Some analysts believe that due to the poor domestic economic situation, the real estate industry in the main steel consumption area is very depressed, and the demand for steel in the international market is improving, so the Chinese steel market is trying to overcome the difficulties through exports.

  Throughout the national market, the voice of price increases is higher, the response of the business market is also very sensitive, can follow up in time, before the weather has not really turned cold, but also in this special period, J55 oil pipe is calculated to provide an opportunity for price increases, the author expects that tomorrow's prices or will be a little exploratory operation. casing is expected to rise steadily and moderately this week.

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