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Classification of oil pipe

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  Oil pipe can be divided into surface oil pipe, technical oil pipe and reservoir oil pipe according to their functions.

  The depth of the surface oil pipe depends on the specific situation. Generally, the cement returns to the ground when it is tens of meters to hundreds of meters or deeper. When drilling high-pressure gas wells, if the upper strata are loose and fractured, in order to prevent high-pressure gas from flowing out of the ground, API 5L Welded ERW Alloy Steel Oil Pipe is necessary to lower the surface oil pipe properly. If the surface oil pipe needs to be drilled deeper, when the first drilling time is long, the next layer of pipe should be considered before the next layer of oil pipe. Its function is to seal the surface, prevent wellhead collapse, and form drilling fluid circulation channel, so as to facilitate long-term drilling. The depth under the conduit is usually 20-30 meters, and the cement outside the conduit returns to the ground. The catheter is usually made of spiral or straight seam oil pipe.

  Technical oil pipe does not necessarily need to be lowered. Measures such as using high-quality drilling fluid, accelerating drilling speed and intensifying drilling can be taken to control the complex downhole situation, so that technical oil pipe can not be obtained or fewer can be lowered. The depth of the technical oil pipe is determined by the complex formation to be sealed. The return height of cement should reach more than 100 meters of the layer to be sealed. For high-pressure gas wells, in order to prevent leakage, cement is often returned to the ground.

  Reservoir oil pipe is used to separate target and other layers, separate oil, gas and water layers with different pressures, and establish an oil and gas passage in the well to ensure long-term production.

  The depth of oil pipe is determined by the depth of target formation and completion method. For high pressure wells, cement slurry should return to the surface, which is beneficial to strengthening oil pipe and enhancing the sealing of oil pipe thread, so that oil pipe can withstand greater shut-in pressure.

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