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Difference of Bearing Capacity of Spiral Steel Pipe

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  The bearing capacity of spiral steel pipe is related to two points. One is the mechanical properties of steel, which is related to yield point, tensile strength, elongation and impact toughness, and the other is related to the geometric characteristics of its section. Generally, circular spiral steel pipe has the strongest resistance to local buckling, so it is the best component to withstand radial internal pressure and external pressure.

  Under the same steel size, area and support conditions, the eccentric compressive bearing capacity of API 5L X52 Spiral Steel Pipe is stronger than that of circular and spiral steel pipe, while the axial compressive bearing capacity of square and rectangular spiral steel pipe is the strongest, but the local buckling resistance of square and rectangular spiral in the compressive zone is not as good as that of spiral steel pipe. Compared with spiral steel pipe, seamless steel pipe has complex production process, high quality and high price, less application in engineering, and more application in the latter.

  At present, the spiral steel pipe made of profiled steel can combine the advantages of both in structure, which can make the spiral steel pipe in the state of lateral compression, and its compressive strength can be doubled. At the same time, due to the existence of the spiral steel pipe, the stiffness of the spiral steel pipe can be improved. Both of them play a role together, thus greatly improving the load-bearing capacity.

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