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Brief description of forming process of thick-walled spiral steel pipe

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  1. Before forming of spiral steel pipe

  The spiral steel pipe adopts advanced double-sided submerged arc welding technology, which can realize welding in the best position.Spiral steel pipe is not easy to have defects such as staggered edge, deviation and impermeability, and easy to control welding quality and position. With special welding technology, the Manufacture Supply API 5L SSAW Spiral Steel Pipe can be welded at the best welding position without any errors and defects, which can ensure the qualifications and quality of spiral steel pipe.

  2. Forming of spiral steel pipe

  In the forming process of spiral steel pipe, the steel plate should be uniformly deformed, the residual stress is small, and the surface should not be scratched. Therefore, the selection of steel plate for making spiral steel pipe should be careful, and the surface should be uniform and not scratched. The processed spiral steel pipe has greater flexibility in the dimension and specification range of diameter and wall thickness. Especially in the production of high-grade thick-walled steel pipe, especially in the production of medium and small diameter thick-walled steel pipe, there are other advantages that can not be matched, which can meet more requirements of users in the specification of spiral steel pipe. The diameter and dimension specification range of spiral steel pipe should be flexibly grasped, and the spiral steel pipe can be popularized and popularized by making use of its own good advantages and the extensive needs of more users.

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