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Differences between Cold-rolled and Hot-rolled Seamless Steel Oil Pipe

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  Now the seamless steel oil pipe needed by the city can be collectively called hot-rolled seamless steel oil pipe and cold-rolled seamless steel oil pipe. Compared with hot-rolled seamless steel oil pipe, the process of cold-rolled seamless steel oil pipe is relatively complicated. Not only three continuous rolling, but also crack testing, cutting, and then into the final return process. When annealing cold-rolled seamless oil pipe, pickling is unavoidable. During the pickling process, staff need to wear safety equipment. At the same time, we should carefully look at whether there are a large number of bubbles on the surface of steel pipe. If there are more bubbles, the quality of steel pipe can not meet the relevant requirements.

  In appearance, the two kinds of steel pipe are also different. First of all, the length of cold-rolled seamless steel oil pipe is a little shorter. As for the thick wall, the cold-rolled seamless steel oil pipe should be slightly thicker than the company specializes in various specifications and models of seamless steel oil pipe, API 5L X42 SSAW Seamless Steel Oil Pipe, thick-walled steel pipe, seamless steel pipe manufacturer, etc. The products strictly implement the national standards, all of which are produced in our factory and large state-owned steel plants, such as Ma Gang, Lai Gang, Baotou Steel and Chongqing Steel.Long-term availability of various specifications of seamless steel oil pipe, high-pressure boiler pipe, fluid pipes, structural pipes, special fertilizer pipes, as well as Germany, the United States, Japan and Italy imported alloy steel pipes and other slightly smaller. But as far as the smoothness of thick wall is concerned, it is brighter than that of hot-rolled seamless steel oil pipe. At the same time, there are also incisions on the surface of the steel pipe, there is not too much obvious rough phenomenon, and there are not too many burrs in the caliber.

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