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How to Inspect the Quality of Spiral Steel Pipe?

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  Before the spiral steel pipe leaving the factory,it should be tested for mechanical properties, flattening and expanding, and it should meet the requirements of the code. Quality inspection method of spiral steel pipe: distinguish from appearance, that is to say, inspect in appearance. Spiral steel pipe appearance inspection of welded joints is a simple and widely used inspection method. Spiral steel pipe is an important part of product inspection. Spiral steel pipe mainly finds out the defects of weld appearance and scale errors.

  Usually through naked eye investigation, with the standard template, gauges and magnifiers and other things for inspection. If the spiral steel pipe appearance of the weld is defective, there may be defects in the interior of the weld. Q235 SS400 Hot Rolled Spiral Steel Pipe checking of Physical Method: Physical Checking Method is to use some physical phenomena for testing or checking. Non-destructive testing is usually used to check the internal defects of materials or workpieces. Non-destructive testing includes ultrasonic testing, ray testing, immersion testing, magnetic testing and so on.

  Fineness Check: For a welded container storing liquid or gas, the imperfections of Spiral steel pipe is weld seam, such as penetrating cracks, blowhole, slag inclusion, non-penetrating and loose arrangement, can be found by fineness test. Spiral steel pipe fineness inspection methods include: fuel oil test, water loading test, water flushing test, etc.

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