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How much pressure does seamless steel pipe bear?

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  Chemical composition of 16Mn seamless steel pipe: C: tensile strength: 470-660 cows/square millimeters; yield strength: 275-345 cows/square millimeters; seamless steel pipe is a relatively important type of steel pipe, which plays a relatively large role in engineering and machinery in the long-term development and continuous use, and the use of seamless steel pipe is inseparable from the pressure of seamless steel pipe, so the API 5CT 1.5Inch Seamless Steel Pipe can not be used without the pressure of seamless steel pipe. For seamless steel pipe, we should pay attention to the pressure to bear. If the pressure can not bear, we should consciously replace the seamless steel pipe. If not, there will be many problems, and sometimes accidents will occur.

  Seamless steel pipe bear external and internal forces. According to what you said, fear of bursting means internal forces? In boiler design, the most commonly used force on the pipe is how much pressure the pipe can withstand, and how much pressure the pipe diameter, wall thickness, operating temperature and operating environment are related. Can tell you a formula, is the calculation formula of the wall thickness of the tube in the boiler design, according to the wall thickness, the pressure can be deduced back: PD/(2ya+p). P is the pressure, D is the outer diameter, y is the coefficient of weakening, let's take 1 here, A is the stress, which should be used to select the corresponding material according to the temperature. Specific reference to the boiler strength calculation standards: 16507 and 16508. General small diameter pipes, 3 mm wall thickness, to withstand more than 3,4 MPa is no problem.

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