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How to remedy the rusting of seamless steel pipe?

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  1. Cleaning: Solvents and emulsifiers are used to clean the surface of seamless steel pipes to remove oil, grease, dust, lubricants and similar organic substances. However, they can not remove rust, oxide scale and welding flux on the surface of seamless steel pipes, so they are only used as auxiliary means in anti-corrosion production.

  2. Tool Rust Removal: The surface of seamless steel pipe is mainly polished by steel brush and other tools, which can remove loose or warped oxide scale, rust, welding slag, etc. Manual tools can achieve Sa2 level of rust removal, power tools can reach Sa3 level of rust removal. If the Hot-rolled Carbon Seamless Steel Pipes surface is adhered to a solid oxide sheet, the effect of tool rust removal is not ideal, and the depth of anchor lines required for anti-corrosion construction can not be reached.

  3. Seamless steel pipe pickling: Chemical and electrolytic methods are generally used for pickling treatment. Seamless steel pipe corrosion protection only uses chemical pickling, which can remove oxide scales, rust and old coatings.

  4. Spraying (ejection) rust removal: Spraying (ejection) rust removal is driven by high-power motor to spray (ejection) blade rotating at high speed, so that steel sand, steel balls, wire segments, minerals and other abrasives under centrifugal force on the surface of steel pipe spraying (ejection) treatment, not only can completely remove rust, oxides and dirt, but also seamless steel pipe in abrasive. Under the action of violent impact and friction force, the required uniform roughness can also be achieved.

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