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Adjustment Analysis of Seamless Steel Pipe Distance

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  In the process of seamless steel pipe processing, there is often a problem that can not be ignored, that is, the weld. In order to ensure the service performance of seamless steel tube, we need to take some measures to control the distance between seams.

  1. Seamless steel pipe manufacturer logo should be eye-catching, firm, clear handwriting, standardized, not easy to fade.

  2. The logo shall include at least the following contents: the name and trademark of the seamless steel pipe manufacturer, product standard number, steel pipe number, product specification and traceability identification number or telephone number. For the precise seamless steel pipe, the main performance index and dimension precision level can be increased.

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  3. Seamless steel pipe standard Section adopts such methods as spray printing, stamping, roll-off printing, printing, sticking stamps or hanging labels or hanging tags. The supplier may hang one or more marking methods.

  4. Steel pipes with an outer diameter of not less than 36MM shall begin at a distance of not less than 200MM from the end of the seamless steel pipe, and each of the marking methods shall be carried out.

  5. Seamless steel pipes for low pressure fluids, thin-walled seamless steel pipes, seamless steel pipes for general use, seamless steel pipes with different cross-sections and seamless steel pipes with complex cross-sections may not be marked by each mark.

  6. The pipe joints of seamless steel pipes for petroleum, gas and 3PE anticorrosive purposes shall be marked as seamless steel pipes.

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