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Key Points for Welding Seamless Carbon Steel Oil Pipe

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  In the production process of cold-formed Seamless Carbon Steel Oil Pipe, the key technologies mainly include four aspects: high frequency welding technology, forming technology, cutting technology and rapid roll change technology. It should be known that these technologies will directly affect the quality and production efficiency of cold-formed seamless carbon steel oil pipe products.

  First of all, let's understand the content of forming technology, one of the key technologies in seamless carbon steel oil pipe production. From the analysis of the technology of cold-formed section steel, we will find that the process of circular transformation is mainly used in the production abroad. Comparatively speaking, the advantages of this process are that the residual stress of finished ASTM 10 Inch Seamless Carbon Steel Oil Pipe is small and the radius of corner arc is small. However, its disadvantages are high energy consumption, high cost and unsatisfactory surface quality.

  Then, how about the second key technology, high frequency welding? This technology can also be divided into two kinds: induction welding and contact welding. Comparatively speaking, the latter is more efficient than the former, which can be about 50% higher. However, its disadvantage is that contacts need to be replaced frequently, and pipe forming is required, otherwise it is easy to spark. More seriously, the corrosion of seamless carbon steel oil pipe may occur after a long time.

  Next, let's look at the third key technology, cutting technology. As you know, the cold-formed seamless carbon steel oil pipe needs to be cut according to the situation after sizing. Traditionally, disc saw is used as cutting method, but now it has been replaced by more advanced cutting technology, which not only reduces the burr problem, but also reduces the noise.

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