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What is the sawing operation procedures of welded steel pipe

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  After a series of processing, such as forming, welding and cooling, the welded steel pipe still needs to be sawed off. In this link, the length of the process ruler directly affects the quality and sales of the finished welded steel pipe, so the length of the ruler should be controlled within ± 5mm. Not only that, in actual operation, the staff must also operate in strict accordance with the following procedures:

  First, the power is supplied to the control cabinet, and then the automatic switches in the control cabinet are closed. At the same time, the power switch of the operation console is closed, and the microcomputer starts. Next, close the unloading start button, turn the internal and external control buttons of the power cabinet of the steward to the external position, and move the direction adjusting button to the directional position. Then press the step power start button and saw blade motor start button to start it. At this time, the operation menu prompt about the saw off of Sch40 60mm Round Welded Steel Pipe appears on the microcomputer display screen, and the staff can carry out manual, analog, automatic and setting tools according to it.

  It should be noted that if the welded steel pipe unit needs to be stopped for a long time, the step-by-step power supply should be turned off first, and the saw blade motor stops running, which saves energy. At the same time, welded steel pipe is necessary to check the quality of the working pulse of the speed photoelectric code frequently to prevent it from hitting the encoder or immersing it in water. According to different specifications of welded pipe, adjust the position and grinding shape of flat head cutter in time. The end face of welded steel pipe after flat head shall be smooth and flat to meet the process requirements.

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