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What is the partial opening of spiral steel pipe?

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  It is impossible for the spiral steel pipe to be perfectly neat and relative in the process of construction butt joint due to the different caliber. Especially when the large-diameter spiral steel pipe butt joint, it is very normal that there are staggered joints and deviated joints. What should we do? Is the production of spiral steel pipe unqualified? No, because the standard ofspiral steel pipe specifies the ellipticity of spiral steel pipe, which is within the ellipticity range It's also normal to have deviation inside, so how can we deal with it? We also need to ensure that the project is qualified for acceptance? Let's talk about it specifically as follows:

  Let's analyze the 2020 * 20 ASTM A53 32 Inch Seamless Spiral Steel Pipe.After butt joint, there is about 1-3mm gap. Both ends of the two steel pipes have been fixed and can only be treated by welding. Firstly, fill the outside with welding rod to fill up. The welding rod is parallel to the outer wall of the steel pipe. Then go to the inner wall of the steel pipe to weld on the upper layer of the welding rod until the height of the weld exceeds 2-3mm of the outer surface of the steel pipe. Then, plane out all the welding rods with air gouging, clean all the slag inclusions, and finally weld the cleaned part with welding rod. One is to ensure the integrity of butt joint, Second, ensure that the flaw detection is qualified.

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