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What will be on the material list of welded steel pipe

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  When the welded steel pipe leaves the factory, it will be equipped with the material list issued by the welded  steel pipe manufacturer, that is, the so-called quality certificate. The material list of the welded steel pipe proves that the welded steel pipe provided meets the standard requirements. So what's on the material list of a welded steel pipe?

  1. Name of weldedsteel pipe manufacturer;

  2. Name of the buyer;

  3. Contract number;

  4. Executive standard of welded steel pipe;

  5. Name and specification of welded steel pipe. When applicable, it shall be noted that the end type of welded steel pipe is socket type.

  6. Number and quality of APL 5L 28 Inch Large Diameter Welded Steel Pipe;

  7. Smelting furnace number and brand of steel strip rolling plate;

  8. Various test results specified in the standard or supplemented by the contract;

  9. Shipment number;

  10. Delivery record;

  11. Seal of quality inspection department;

  12. Other contents that the welded steel pipe manufacturer deems necessary to indicate.

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