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Seamless steel pipe has a great future development space

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  The delivery state of seamless steel pipe is generally delivered after heat treatment in hot rolling state. Because, the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe after the quality inspection should be strictly selected by the staff, and every step is striving to be perfect, so as to achieve excellence. After the quality inspection, the surface should be coated with oil, followed by many cold drawing experiments, and after the hot rolling treatment, the perforation experiment should be carried out. If the perforation diameter is too large, the straightening correction should be carried out. After straightening, it is transmitted to the flaw detector by the transmission device for flaw detection experiment. This step is also essential. Finally, it is labeled and placed in the warehouse after specification arrangement. Through this series of steps, in order to better ensure the quality of seamless steel pipe before delivery.

  Therefore, it is safe to choose to buy this type of pipe materials, because High Precision Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe need to be subject to professional testing before they leave the site, which not only ensures the quality, but also makes customers feel more relieved to buy the pipe materials​.

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