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Why seamless steel oil pipe is widely used?

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  When there is less cutting allowance reserved at both ends of seamless steel oil pipe, due to the structure of the detection device, the two ends sometimes cannot be effectively detected, and the end is the most likely part with cracks or other defects. If there is a potential crack tendency at the end, the welding heat effect during installation may also cause potential crack growth. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the detection of a certain area of seamless steel oil pipe after welding, and find the expansion of steel pipe end defects in time.

  API 5L X70 LSAW Seamless Steel Oil Pipe is mainly used in pipeline transportation, which can be used to transport some fluids, such as some energy sources, etc. the transportation of oil and natural gas has been realized by relying on seamless steel oil pipe. In modern society, the application field and scope of seamless steel oil pipe once again make 16Mn seamless steel oil pipe widely used. The general purpose seamless steel oil pipe is rolled by common carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, with the largest output. It is mainly used as the pipeline or structural parts for conveying fluid. The seamless steel oil pipe made of such steel is widely used in various industries such as hydraulic prop, high-pressure gas cylinder, high-pressure boiler, fertilizer equipment, petroleum cracking, automobile half shaft sleeve, diesel engine, etc.

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