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Advantages and disadvantages of spiral steel pipe

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  Spiral steel pipe is a kind of spiral steel pipe which is made by bending strip steel or rolling plate according to spiral shape and welding inner and outer seams with double-sided submerged arc automatic welding. Because of the following reasons, it can be widely used in water, electricity, chemical industry and other industries.

  1) As long as the forming angle is changed, steel pipes of various diameters can be produced with the same width of steel strip, which is easy to be adjusted.

  2) Because it is continuous bending forming, the length of the spiral steel pipe is unlimited, and the length can be determined at will.

  3) The ASTM A252 SSAW 14Inch Spiral Steel Pipe shape of the weld is evenly distributed on the whole circumference of the spiral steel pipe, so the size accuracy of the spiral pipe is high and the strength is strong.

  4) Easy to change the size, suitable for small batch, multi varieties of spiral pipe production.

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