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A camera is to use the length measurement

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  A camera is to use the length measurement and image processing realize steel pipe length measurement, its principle is in steel conveying roller some period of equidistance installed on a series of photoelectric switches, in another section and light source and camera. When the steel pipe through this area, and may, according to a particular photoelectric switch through the camera image on the screen of the intake position to determine the length of steel pipe.

  Characteristic is to be able to realize the online measurement, steel pipe in through the length measurement area can obtain length data, no interval. Shortage is: if not AD hoc illuminant irradiation, steel pipe can get the outside of the light interference, and use AD hoc light source in chamfering after the steel pipe after high brightness of reflected light rays and very strong, easy to cause the reading error.

  the length measurement, encoder

  Principle is the oil cylinder place installs encoder, using oil cylinder promote steel tube in the roller movement, on the other side installed a series of equidistance photoelectric switch, when steel tube is oil cylinder pipe promote met photoelectric switches, from the record of the encoder readings, conversion out the stroke of cylinder, so can calculate the length of steel pipe.

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